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The fact that guys invented this, makes it so much better


The fact that guys invented this, makes it so much better

There are scars on my neck from where you kissed

And now your lips no longer enjoy my body

My lips


Your heart no longer wants me

And I am left with all these scars

Scars from the days you say you’d always be there

When you said forever

And you gave the most beautiful speeches about how you could never leave my side

But here you go

Off and leaving me

And with whom do you suppose I confide?

No one.

For I am alone.

And now I will be a ghost

Never to be seen again

Never to be spoken of again

Never to be loved again

Left to drown in my own sorrows

Left to dig my own grave

And have my own funeral

At which you wouldn’t appear

Because you’d know

It was your fault

You’d know you ripped apart the girl who used to smile when she heard your name

You tore her apart

And left her for the wolves

The wolves who are her own thoughts

Waking her up at 4am

Making her cry and scream in agony

Making her wish she could run away

Or die

Either would release her from her sorrows

How should she do it

There’s nooses and blades and guns and scarves

There’s pills and alcohol and bleach and drowning

There’s so many options of which she can’t decide

So many things she wishes she could do to get rid of herself

To disappear

Because the one person she believed would never stop loving her

Who would always be there for her and protect her

Is gone

And he took her with him

She’s already a breathing corpse

Left with nothing

Left with nothing but the scars and the pictures and the gifts

The gifts that added up to nothing

Nothing but time wasted

Time wasted on a man who would never consider wasting it on her

And although she tried to do everything she could to help him while hurting herself

He always won

She always lost

And this time

She will be gone


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are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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… I’m going back to sleep


… I’m going back to sleep

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He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

What do you mean drake and josh ended

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